Corporate Agreement

For regular Corporate Clients and for Government Bodies, we offer the possibility of establishing a corporate agreement, whereby which we will invoice for our services.

The Native Translator also offers its services for substantial projects, including websites, brochures, catalogues, manuals and books. TV and Film translations are also available as our staff includes film translators. For further information or inquiries, please contact us by email: office(at)

Discounts are offered on individual assignments of more than 2,000 words. As above, corporate clients are invited to discuss these terms with the context of an established corporate agreement.

Corporate clients are able to e-mail material directly to an assigned e-mail address stating their client number and are consequently invoiced for work performed on a monthly basis. We can also maintain clients websites and keep them current in cooperation with our partners. The Business Translator is experienced in website translations and have provided this particular service for a great number of businesses and communities for several years.

Should you have a translation or service requirement that is not addressed here, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

You can contact us for special prices and offers or more information directly at office(at)


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Example of a certified translation

Example of a certified translation

What a team, you have done a fantastic job!

Ahmad Hammoud, Managing Director, Nuance Media, Dubai, AE

For questions please call: +1 312 646 6028

For questions please call: +1 312 646 6028