Legal Translation

Legal translation is the translation of text within the field of law.
In order to be able to interpret and translate legal texts, the translator must be familiar with the legal system in question as well as the particular legal terminology referred to in the text. This ensures that the translation will be structured in a manner appropriate to the legal culture that it is intended for. Our legal translators are carefully chosen and evaluated to make sure that even complex legal information is translated correctly and conveyed accurately. A great deal of the translators processing these types of orders are Attorneys or Lawyers who also hold language degrees.

Legal requirements
For legal and official purposes, evidentiary documents and a number of official documentation is required to be in the official language of the jurisdiction in which it must be presented. Additionally, certain countries requires that the translator working on the project must swear an oath attesting that the translated document is the legal equivalent of the source text. Generally, only a particular category of translators is authorized to take such an oath. Even if a translator may be specialized in legal translations or a lawyer in his home country, it does not necessarily make him a sworn translator within many legal jurisdictions.
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Typical Legal Translations

  • Intellectual property and patent translation
  • Contract translation

  • Witness statements translation
  • Correspondence translation
  • Foreign legal text translation

  • Annual report translation

  • Legal marketing translation
  • License translation
  • Registration document translation
  • Expert report translation
  • Litigation translation

  • Arbitration translation
  • Translation of documents in connection with real estate transactions

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Example of a certified translation

Example of a certified translation

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For questions please call: +1 312 646 6028

For questions please call: +1 312 646 6028